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Rockland School District 382 is committed to providing an atmosphere that is safe and friendly where children work together and respect one another. We stress the importance of classroom discipline and responsibility. Students will be competent in basic academic and social skills, including mathematical and scientific reasoning, problem solving, reading, writing, speaking, and technology. The students will recognize their own worth and the uniqueness of each individual. Students will possess mental and physical skills and abilities necessary to be positive contributors to their families, communities, and nation. They will lead full, productive, and responsible adult lives.




The regular meetings of the Rockland School District No. 382 Board of Trustees are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. May through September) unless noticed differently. The annual meeting is held on the 2nd Wednesday of January. Meetings are held in the Rockland School-Community Library unless otherwise designated on the agenda.

Carolyn Anderson, Clerk

Posted January 8, 2020

Public Comment and Agendas


"Due to the fact that a School Board meeting is a meeting that is held in public and not a public meeting, the Board is required to abide by the Idaho Open Meeting Law, and because of the diversity of issues, members of the Board will not respond to Public Comment. Instead, issues may be recorded and referred to the proper staff person for follow-­up. The Chairman may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when it is too lengthy, personally directed, abusive, obscene, repetitive, or irrelevant. The Board of Trustees as a whole shall have the final decision in determining the appropriateness of all such rulings. All public comment must be relevant to an item on the current agenda.

In order to ensure that everyone who comes to speak to the Board has the opportunity to do so, comments will be limited to three (3) minutes.

Any complaint about the District, including instruction, discipline, District personnel policy, procedure, or curriculum should be referred through the proper administrative channels before it is presented to the Board for consideration and action. All complaints should be resolved through proper channels in the following order:

Teacher or Staff

Principal or Supervisor

Director or Administrator


Board of Trustees

For more information on our public comment policy please see section 262 of our policy manual. Thank you and we will now here from those who have signed up to speak"

Received from Idaho School Boards Association.   

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District Office


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School Board Members

School Board Members

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Public School Report Card

Public School Report Card

Public School Report Card

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